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Hay Fever

by Noel Coward

DirecteD BY Laura Bird


The Bliss family owns a lovely country house, which they use to relax and entertain guests. On this particular weekend, each of them—unbeknownst to the others—invites a guest for the weekend, and each intends for their guest to stay in the guest room. Sorel invites Richard. Simon invites Myrna. Judith invites Sandy. David invites Jackie. (Clara wonders how she's going to keep everything in order.) So now all the Blisses are ticked at each other, and decide it will be fun to ruin each other's weekend. The guests, however, are clueless to what's going on. The reactions of the guests are as funny as the antics of the Bliss family. Hilarity ensues.

Audition Place, dates, and times

Riverside Arts Center, 76 N. Huron, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

May 20 at 7:00 pm
May 21 at 7:00 pm

Callbacks (if needed):

May 22 at 7:00pm

Please note, this rehearsal period is intentionally long to accommodate summer travel plans.  Bring your calendar to auditions. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please wear comfortable clothing for movement.

Acting is not the only way to be involved. Please contact the director, or come to auditions if you are interested in helping in any area. We are always welcoming new additions to our back stage crew as well! Actors - tell your friends about these opportunities to do theater!

Performance dates

August 22 - 25, and 28 - 31, 2019

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 8:00 pm, seating at 7:30 pm
Sunday and Wednesday matinees begin at 2:00 pm, seating at 1:30 pm

Performances will be held at the Riverside Arts Center.


There are roles for 5 women between the ages of 18-70 and for 4 men between the ages of 18-68. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Character Descriptions:

Sorel Bliss
Gender: Female
Age Range: 18 - 32
Description: Sorel is Judith and David Bliss's daughter. Sorel and her brother come from money, but they are siblings as we know them: fighting one minute, and best buddies the next. They are every bit as egocentric, although in the nicest possible way, as their parents.

Simon Bliss
Gender: Male
Age Range: 18 - 32
Description: Son of Judith and David; an aspiring artist who is in constant competition with Sorel for Judith’s attention.

Gender: Female
Age Range: 30 - 70
Description: Clara is Judith’s former dresser, now the Bliss family maid. She's a bit rough around the edges. A wonderful comic character role.

Judith Bliss
Gender: Female
Age Range: 40 - 60
Description: Judith is a retired English actress, for whom all the world is indeed, a stage. She revels in bringing drama to everyday life, misses her acting days, and is looking for someone to tell her she's still beautiful and desirable.

David Bliss
Gender: Male
Age Range: 40 - 68
Description: Judith’s husband, Sorel and Simon's father. He is a novelist who is looking for his next muse. He, like Judith, seems to be in a bit of a mid-life crisis.

Sandy Tyrell
Gender: Male
Age Range: 20 - 35
Description: Sandy is the young man Judith invites for the weekend. He's a stud, amateur boxer, and he's enamoured with Judith.

Myrna Arundel
Gender: Female
Age Range: 25 - 48
Description: Myrna is Simon's weekend guest, though she doesn't really want to spend time with Simon, but wants to meet David. Myrna is used to getting what she wants.

Richard Greatham
Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 48
Description: Richard is a proper English diplomat, and Sorel's weekend guest. He's a bit stiff, but quite likeable.

Jackie Coynton
Gender: Female
Age Range: 20 - 35
Description: David's weekend guest. She’s a flapper full of youth and charm, though perhaps not all that bright and unusually shy for a flapper.


Questions or Concerns? Contact Laura Bird (Director)