by Arthur Miller

May 10–13 and 16–19, 2018

Directed by Liz Greaves-Hoxsie

Based on the 17th century Salem witch trials, The Crucible tells the story of John and Elizabeth Proctor.  John had an affair with Abigail, his young servant girl, and Elizabeth fired her.  Abigail is determined to get rid of Elizabeth.  She gathers a group of girls and they use occult rituals to kill Elizabeth. The girls are discovered and are now afraid of being called witches – a hanging offense.  However, Abigail strikes first – she and the girls accuse Elizabeth and others of witchcraft.  Suddenly, these lowly girls have life and death powers. Paranoia grips the town as people are arrested, convicted, and hanged. The only way to avoid the gallows is to lie by confessing to witchcraft.  The play is a timeless story of a theocracy gripped by ideology and riven by betrayal, of the brutality of the mob and the price of integrity.

Directed by Liz Greaves-Hoxsie and featuring: Karen Amore, Wendy Ascione-Juska, Deena Baty, Mala Chakraborty, Marilyn Darling, Krystle Dellihue, Cindy Franklin, Jeff Hackett, Marie Jones, Elisha Kranz, Ryan McGriff, Nicholas Megahan, K.C. Palmateer, Chris Potter, Michaela Sheridan, Darzay Starling, Kathie Sullivan, and Gwenyth Thomas-Darling


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