Humble Boy

by Charlotte Jones

Directed by Laura C. Bird


Felix Humble is a Cambridge astrophysicist in search of a unified field theory, but after the sudden death of his father, James, a teacher and amateur beekeeper, he is forced to return to the family home in the English countryside. Once there, he and his demanding mother, Flora, a glamorous former showgirl who resents having spent the last thirty years in suburban exile, attempt to reconcile themselves to James's death and to each other, plumbing the depths of their anger as well as their love. The emotional turmoil increases exponentially with the arrival of George, Flora's longtime lover, and his daughter Rosie, Felix's former girlfriend, as Felix is forced to acknowledge that his search for unity must include his own chaotic home life. This is a play concerned with beekeeping and astrophysics, imbued with heartbreak and wit, with larger questions of the universe and smaller questions of family dynamics. Winner of the 2000-2001 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, The Critics' Circle Best New Play Award and The People's Choice Best New Play Award. 

Audition dates and times

Monday, May 14 7-9pm

Tuesday, May 15 7-9pm

Callbacks (if needed):
Wednesday, May 16 at 7pm

Riverside Arts Center
67 N. Huron
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Performance dates

August 23-September 1

Please note: this is an intentionally long rehearsal period to accommodate summer vacations and other scheduling conflicts.  It’s fine to have conflicts and we promise not suck the joy out of the process by over-rehearsing.


Please note, ethnicity and age are flexible. 

Felix Humble – Grieving son of the late James Humble. Felix is in his mid-30s, a theoretical astrophysicist from Cambridge. Awkward socially and hampered by a stutter, he is struggling to define his place in the world and his relationship with his family, particularly his mother, now that his father is gone.

Flora Humble – Felix’s mother, in her mid-fifties to sixties.  She is attractive and supremely narcissistic. Felix is a disappointment to her.

George Pye – Flora’s lover and close to the same age.  He is from a working class background but has money now, retired from a successful business.  He is crass and belligerent and eager to marry Flora now that James is dead

Rosie Pye – Daughter of George and former girlfriend of Felix – mid twenties to late thirties. Devastated by Felix’s abandonment of their relationship seven years ago, she is very much her own woman.  She has a 7-year-old daughter named Felicity.

Mercy Lott – A nervous woman aged anywhere from forty to mid-sixties. She believes herself to be Flora’s friend but is treated more as her minion. She tries to be a peace maker but isn’t very good at it. She has a crush on George Pye.

Jim – The gardener of the estate, he is a quiet but comforting man in his 60s. A confidant of Felix, Jim is virtually ignored by everyone in the play until the end.



Contact Laura C. Bird, director, at 734.395.5876 or